LinkedIn – Improve your Profile and your Business

LinkedIn can mean the difference between getting an interview or landing a client. But compared to Twitter and Facebook, tends to not always get the same ongoing attention from users. Just like a resume, what you include or do not include on your profile could result in a new job. So how can you ensure that your LinkedIn profile is designed to improve your professional connections?

Below are five simple ways to improve your profile:

1. Create a Business Page

Linkedin business page

If you have an event planning business a business page is necessary to ensure that potential clients can locate your company and have a clear understanding of what services you offer. Use this page to provide concise, plain language details about what you do.

Take a look at 8 Companies That are Totally Rocking Their LinkedIn Company Pages for inspiration. 

2. Your Search Results Profile


The information shown in the search results page will sometimes be the first contact and/or impression that a visitor to your page/profile will see. The view is fairly simple, your name, photo, title, location, and number of connections. To make your profile as complete as possible, ensure that all of these pieces of information are provided. Take a look at Glen Cathey above, which Glen Cathey are you most likely to click on?

3. Your Personal Profile


Your linkedIn personal profile, similar to your company page, should highlight what you do. What makes you different? What are your accomplishments?

Don’t have a photo? add one. Select a head shot that is professional and up to date. Don’t crop out a group photo–you might miss an arm!

The summary section is the place for you to creatively and engagingly explain what makes you different from every other event planning professional. So keep it concise, include a catch statement and provide an overview of your skills and experience. Do not treat this area like a copy and paste of your resume.

Three tips to implement immediately to improve your profile includes update your photo, write an eye catching headline, update your summary.

4. Get Social Proof

linkedinIn the online world not everything you read may be the truth. Is the person on Craigslist claiming to be a CEO looking for a personal assistant for $100k a year real? Could be, but my gut says it is very unlikely. So one way to stand out on LinkedIn, like in the real world, is to obtain references and recommendations.

When we see that someone has recommended a person or left a testimonial to their work ethic and service we are more likely to take that next step. Don’be scared to ask your connections for endorsements and recommendations!

5. How do you Compare?

Making updates to your LinkedIn profile is great, and LinkedIn also lets you know how far along you have come with their profile strength feature which lets you see which parts of your profile are incomplete. This feature can be very useful for improving your profile, filling gaps you might have missed and therefore should not be ignored.

For example, have you included your professional awards? volunteer details, and anything else relating to your event planning business or personal projects?

linkedin awards and volunteer
As you continue to improve the content of your profile you will notice that your profile ranking and views will most likely increase.  The more visible you are, the more visible your company will be.

What have you found to be the most effective tactic for promoting your business on LinkedIn?

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