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Suggested Photo

January 1

New Year, Same Me. But you know what they say? Each year brings 365 new days and 365 new chances. 2020 is still unwritten.

Happy New Year! 


A photo of you

A photo of a New Year quote

A photo of fireworks

Suggested Photo

January 2

New Year and new beginnings. This means out with the old and in with the new on #nationalcleanoffyourdeskday.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I’m [OCD/Messy] and my office is a true reflection of this.

Where do you fall? Team OCD or Team disorganized? 


A photo of your desk

A photo of your office or co-working space

Suggested Photo

January 3

It's the New Year and I know I got some new friends around here, so I wanted to start things off by sharing some fun facts about me. 

I’m_____________[your name], and I help _____________[who do you help and what do you help them do?]. I am originally from_____________, but I currently live in ____________.

Since we are now friends, tell me, where in the world are you located?

Photo by Adam Solomon


A photo of you

A photo of you behind the scenes

A note card saying hello

Suggested Photo

January 4

It’s [Insert Year], does it even matter who made the first move? Maybe she made the first move and he was completely surprised, or he did and she was completely expecting it. 

Rejection can be a hard pill to swallow, so I applaud anyone who made the first move towards meeting the love of their life. 

Tell me, who made the first move? you or your spouse?

Photo by Jackson Schaal


A photo of a couple from one of your events

A photo of one of your clients from their engagement shoot

Suggested Photo

January 5

Cakes have such a terrible habit of turning out bad just when you especially want them to be good. And i’m here wondering if macarons [or another dessert you enjoy] are any better. 

Where do you stand, Cake or Macarons?

Photo by Colin Maynard


A photo of a cake from one of your events

A photo of desserts or a sweet table from one of your events

Suggested Photo

January 6

Be honest, how many of you are blanket hoggers? [Insert an Emoji] 

Suggested Photo

January 7

He picked up the check on the first date and then he picked out a ring (this is the short version of the story...). 

I get so excited seeing couples who are in love with their rings and the look in their eyes as they tell the story behind it, just makes me melt...

What’s your favourite ring style?

Photo by Analise Benevides


A photo of a couple from one of your events showing off their rings

A photo of one of your client’s wedding band(s)

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