Meet: HoneyBook

The integrated project management software designed to help businesses automate various operational processes. It allows users to keep track of projects, manage important documents, schedule appointments, streamline communications, draft proposals, process payments, and more.

My early days as an event planner were filled with spreadsheets and checklists to keep my projects organized. 

With HoneyBook spreadsheets are a thing of the past. HoneyBook will help you book clients more efficiently and STAY organized (yes, please!).

My Favourite HoneyBook Features

As a tech-obsessed Event Planner these are a few of the platform features that I love.

Electronic Document Signing

Get clients to sign your proposals and contracts online. These are then returned electronically and can be accessed by both you and your client for future reference. No more lost documents!

Online Payment Processing

Setup payment dates and amounts for your projects and have HoneyBook send reminders and collect payments on your behalf. You'll never have to follow up on another invoice again. 

Set your busy work on autopilot with HoneyBook...”

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