Starting A Career in Event Planning


Event Planning is the process of coordinating and managing a project such as a conference, meeting, party, festival or group gathering. Event planning consists of budget creation and management, timeline development, venue selection and booking, catering arrangements, theme development, entertainment coordination, speaker confirmation, hotel reservations, audio-visual and production assessment and booking, facilities management, risk management, event setup, onsite management, volunteer/staff coordination, contingency planning, event wrap up and post event reporting.

An exhaustive list to say the least!

A career in Event Planning offers a dynamic, exciting and creative work experience. Event Planners have the opportunity to work with different organizations and individuals to create not only an event, but an experience. However, with all the perks, possibility for travel, luxurious hotels and working with speakers from all over the globe, a planners life is not always diamonds and pearls. A career in Event Planning can be a stressful one, filled with meetings, site tours, and working to ensure client satisfaction. A demanding career choice, that requires multi-tasking, has numerous deadlines, and a sensitivity to stakeholder requests. Work hours can be long and irregular, particularly leading up to and after an event. Event Planners should also be prepared for hours of standing, walking, and flexibility to take on new roles at a moments notice (For Example when your registration staff are late!).

A career in Event Planning requires dedication, but can be very rewarding when working with the right client and/or company. There is no better feeling than seeing all your planning and coordination come to together at the beginning of an event, other than the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a successful event.

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