Our Average Active Affiliate
Earns $119 per sale

EARN 20% ON ALL REFERRED SALE FOR THE booked solid course

Built for Event Pros Looking to Diversify their Income.

As an affiliate partner myself, I know how difficult it can be to find programs that align with your goals and brand without having to sell flat tummy teas on Instagram. 

Many affiliate programs promise earnings that don't exist, or they offer discounts to your customers and access to your client list for nothing in return.


Your time and your audience is way more valuable that that.

That's why I created an affiliate program specifically for Event and Wedding Pros who are looking to diversify their income and build their brand, without compromising on their values and offers. 

You don't need to be an influencer to see huge results!

My program is specifically geared towards Event and Wedding Pros with smaller more engaged networks who are looking for genuine recommendations on how to improve their businesses:

  • Your affiliate earnings are paid out monthly after our 30-day refund period
  • You get a unique link and dashboard to track your referrals
  • Our program is invite only, which means we only work with the best


She's tough, don't let the smile fool you...

I want to take a moment to acknowledge those that has had an impact on me and my wedding planning business. Ms. Jody-Ann Rowe of The Event Certificate has truly been a blessing to me and my business. Someone with a great personality and full of knowledge she has helped me tremendously by coaching me, pushing me, and scolding when needed. If you need help in your wedding planning business, I highly recommend you contact her.

Katina Ivory - Wedding Planner & Designer

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Hello! I'm Jody-Ann Rowe and I'm obsessed with Marketing.

I'm an Online Marketing Expert & 15+ year event planning veteran. You might cringe when I say this but I started my business from the couch in my condo, and moved from planning events for $0 (yes for free!), to planning 5 and 6-figure corporate events. 

After years of running my own business, I now help event planners generate quality leads online, so they can make a living doing what they love, without feeling overwhelmed by their business - This is what I teach in the Wedding Marketing Accelerator.

I'm Jamaican-born, Canadian-packaged and if we speak you'll get to hear my fun accent or as my mom calls it "accident". But in all seriousness, I'm also an avid YouTuber and I currently operate the #1 YouTube channel offering marketing tips for Event Planners. 

As I said earlier... I love marketing and it would be my pleasure to have you work alongside me in sharing the best strategies for marketing an event planning business. 

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