For Wedding Planners've probably seen other Instagram Challenges, so why is this one different?

Here are 5 things you need to know before you hit that JOIN button

  1. I'd loooooove for you to join me in the challenge to help boost your engagement and get you some new clients.
  2. This challenge is specifically designed for wedding planners, so the instructions will be customized to your business.
  3. In the interest of transparency, I will be sharing a paid resource at the end of the challenge that can help you boost your Instagram even more.
  4. The challenge is FREE and I promise that even if you are NOT interested in the resource at the end you will be learning a TON. 
  5. I do not have 10K followers, I will not lie and promise to get you 10K followers, BUT I've used Instagram to book multiple clients with less than 500 followers and this challenge will show you exactly how to do just that.

Here's the thing I've finally learned about Instagram, It's not how many followers you have that counts, it's the number of ENGAGED followers that truly makes a difference. You can have 10K followers and be a broke business owner, AND you can have 400 followers and be booked solid every month. 

If given the choice, where would like to be?

During the 5 DAY CHALLENGE I will be diving into the best strategies and tips to help you see some real movement in your business - none of the fluffy stuff. Each day you will receive an email that outlines exactly what to post and how to write the best captions for potential wedding planning customers. 

Are you ready?

Hit the JOIN button below to grab your spot. 

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