The Secret to Getting to Page #1 of Google

Are you struggling to get to Page #1 of Google and feel like nothing is working?

Are you ready to get to the Page #1 of a Google search without worrying about the algorithm and writing a ton of blog posts?


The Google My Business

THE EXACT BLUEPRINT FOR GETTING TO PAGE #1 OF GOOGLE... using the right tool and keywords on Google My Business™ to help local clients find you in one click.

If there was a clear way of getting to Page #1 of a search without spending a ton of money on scammy "SEO Experts", or spending hours writing blogs posts after blog posts.

Would you be be ready to learn?

Here's the thing: You already have access to that FREE tool through Google My Business. It's all about the strategy behind how you optimize your listing to get on Page #1 and on the map for free. 

I'm talking...

  • No paid ads
  • No hours spent figuring out the algorithm
  • No "SEO Experts" to waste your money

Just optimizing the listing you have, using content you already own, organized in a way that meets Google's local customer searches. 

So why isn't everyone using this?

Most small business owners don't even realize the importance of showing up in searches, and others are convinced that you have to be a large company with a massive marketing budget to get on Page #1.

The fact is, small business owners often don't know the power of Google My Business™. And if they do have a listing, it is poorly organized so they rarely end up on Page #1.  And if I'm being honest, anything beyond Page #2 is basically a graveyard for business owners, because clients rarely search beyond the first two pages.

Think of it like this, if you opened an Instagram account and put your business name and contact information on it, but never posted photos, captions or engaged with your followers... Chances are you would not be getting any clients from Instagram. 

Getting to Page #1 of Google is the same.

The difference is the emphasis on having an optimized Google My Business™ listing that gets you found quickly and easily.

Here's the good news...

Google My Business is the best kept "secret" that your business needs. 

There are a ton of potential clients searching on Google daily, looking for businesses like yours. 

3.5 billion to be exact!

Why not position your business in a place where it can be easily found and bring you leads over and over again?

Our students are all on Page #1 of Google in less than 30 days, after being convinced that it would take them years to get there. 

Best of all? Google doesn't charge you to to use their platform!



  • MODULE 1: Google My Business Basics
  • MODULE 2: Setting up your Business Listing
  • MODULE 3: Getting to Page #1 of Google
  • MODULE 4: Staying on Page #1 of Google

Hi! I'm Jody-Ann Rowe

I'm an Online Marketing Expert, Event Planner and a nerd when it comes to numbers and process improvement. My goal is to help small business owners streamline their businesses and generate quality leads, so they can make a living doing what they love, without feeling overwhelmed by their business.

A Jamaican-born, Canadian-packaged, YouTuber, educator and mango lover, my happiest days are spent behind the computer screen sharing my secrets for creating an efficient and profitable business.

And I want to teach you exactly how to grow your business without spending a ton of money on paid advertising.

About Jody-Ann

Jody-Ann Rowe is a Business Strategist for Event Planners who specializes in using digital marketing to generate leads online. She works with event planners to structure their business online, so they can attract, convert and book more clients with ease.

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