Social Media for Event Planners
 Create 1 Month of Social Media Content in 1 Day

The Webinar

In this training, you will learn my ninja social media strategy for creating over 30-days of social media content in just 1 day. You will meet event planners who are using social media well and learn how to replicate those strategies in your own business. 

But we don't stop there. I know that information is nothing without application, so I turn the camera around and share my screen for a step-by-step tutorial. You will see the exact programs I use to create all my pretty social media graphics AND how to schedule them. That's right, you get to peek into all my accounts and see exactly how I create social media content for a growing online business, so you can do it for yourself. 

Jody-Ann Rowe, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO, The Event Certificate

Jody-Ann is an Event Planner & Educator with over 10 years experience in the event planning industry.  She is the founder of The Event Certificate, an online business resource for Event Planners looking to build, launch and grow their event planning business.

Jody-Ann Rowe
Eventpreneur Launch & Growth Expert

You'll Learn

  • What the H*%$L is social media branding and how to get your's right
  • Learn my ninja moves for creating 1 month of social media content in a DAY
  • Behind the scenes of my graphics program & social media scheduling tools
  • Should you care that no one liked your posts? Let's check your analytics

You'll Get

  • Sample 31-days of Social media content calendar, customized for Event Planners
  • Workbook for developing social media content
  • 7 days of social media posts, images and quotes
  • ​Tools, apps & software to manage your accounts
  • Learning experience with an industry expert and behind the scenes of a growing online business


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