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Running an event and wedding planning business is not easy, especially if you’re the only employee (aka. Founder, CEO, Creative Director, Accountant, Client Service...). That’s why I’ve put together a list of tools to help you streamline your business and manage your daily tasks more efficiently. That way you can spend more time on finding clients and bring in the $$$$.

Client Relationship Management Systems

These are programs to help with streamlining your client booking process from inquiry to contracts to sending that final invoice. There are a number of CRMs out there but I recommend trying out these three and making a decision for yourself. BONUS: All the links below offer a free trial!

  1. Honeybook (Free Trial & 50% Off if you decide to keep it)
    • Be sure to also check out my HoneyBook Tutorial HERE
  2. Dubsado (Free Trial & 20% Off if you decide to keep it)
    • Be sure to also check out my Dubsado Tutorial HERE.
  3. Aisle Planner (Free Trial & 25% Off if you decide to keep it)

Calendar Management & Consultation Booking

Having an accessible calendar will not only save you time from having to go back and forth by email to confirm with a client, but also makes it easier for potential clients to connect with you. Below are some of the calendar management systems I recommend, however, I should also note that some of the CRMs listed above may have a scheduler as a part of their program. 

  1. Acuity
  2. Calendly

Client and Mailing List Management

There are a number of email management systems out there, but if you’re just getting started I highly recommend starting with this one:

  1. Mailchimp

Social Media Scheduling

If you’re spending hours a day on Instagram #guilty, it’s time to sign up for a scheduler and plan your Instagram and other social media content in advance. Here are some tools that can help:

  1. Planoly (for Instagram)
  2. Recurpost (For other social media accounts)
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Buffer

Graphic Design & Free Stock Images

Over the years I’ve amassed a collection of pretty images from different platforms such as Creative Market, Haute Stock, Ivory Mix and Styled Stock Photos. These are great for using on design programs such Canva to create pretty branded graphics for your website and social media accounts, and I’m sharing my collection with you!

  1. My collection of pretty stock images
  2. Canva (free graphic design program)
  3. Creative Market (To purchase videos, images or templates)
  4. Fiverr (To hire designers)
  5. Upwork (You can find designers on here, but they also have VAs and other support for your business).

Event Planning Templates & Contracts

As you may know, I sell event planning templates over at As a part of this program I will be providing you with different templates each week based on the topics that we cover. My blank contract template is available for DOWNLOAD HERE.

If there is a template that you would like and it is not provided through the program, just let me know!

BONUS #1: For Styled Shoots & Your Clients!

As you’ve seen above I’ve shared programs that are helpful for you, as my clients. I encourage you to do the same when working with your event planning clients as a way to provide an unforgettable, 360 client experience. One way that you can do that is through's Wedding Planner Program. This will provide you with free samples and you can share the program with your clients so they receive a discount when purchasing invitations and other wedding supplies. 


BONUS #2: MEDIA (Time to get that “As seen in” behind your brand)!

I’m adding this one as a business tool because it should be a regular part of your business operations. Media mentions and published articles are a great way to get more exposure and social proof for your business. But how do you find journalists?

Sign up for the Help A Reporter Out (HARO) newsletter and respond to requests for Event Planners and Wedding Planners!


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