Modern Marketing for Wedding Planners

event planners come to me when they are struggling to get found online

Everyone said you needed to have a website, so you got one, but the clients aren't rolling in like you expected...
You paid for a subscription on Wedding Wire / theKnot but no one is hiring you...
You've even been posting on Instagram and you're getting crickets instead of clients... 

Does this sound like you?

A few years ago I was at a cross roads with my business and I had a scheduled call with Jody-Ann, all I can say is fast forward and all the advice she gave me has propelled me to amazing success!"

Nicole Fleishman, Event Planner

nicole fleishman

Jody-Ann Rowe, Digital Marketing Consultant

No Fluff or Oprah Inspiration. Just effective marketing strategies designed to bring you leads.

Effectively marketing your event planning business online is NOT about offering discounts, chasing clients who cannot afford your services or boosting Facebook posts.

My marketing strategies are designed to help Event Planners like you, figure out where you're going wrong in your online marketing and the most effective tactics unique to your business. I work with you to implement a solution to get more leads into your business so you can turn clicks into clients, without wasting your money on ineffective tactics and gimmicks.

About Jody-Ann

Jody-Ann Rowe is a Business Strategist for Event Planners who specializes in using digital marketing to generate leads online. She works with event planners to structure their business online, so they can attract, convert and book more clients with ease.

The Before & After

You’re trying to find clients ready to hire you, but you're not sure which strategies work for your event planning business. You've been Googling, signing up for free trainings and you're finally ready to work with someone who knows how. 


  • You're an amazing Event Planner, but you're not getting paid like one.
  • You have a website, but you're not getting any traffic and no one can find you on Google.
  • You have an Instagram account but have no idea what to post, so you start posting motivational quotes.
  • You're been trying different marketing tricks and still have no leads or clients.


  • Your pricing is geared for profitability and you know exactly where to find your clients online.
  • Your website is your new home base, optimized for conversion and getting found easily on Google.
  • You have a clear marketing strategy for social media and know exactly what to post and when.
  • Your workflow and processes are streamlined and you know exactly which online sources bring you clients. 

VIP Consulting Package



  • Complete Business Gap Assessment
  • Niche Identification
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Workflow Automation & CRM Setup
  • Business Templates & Client Experience Setup


  • Branding Assessment & Guide
  • Website Strategy & Re-design
  • Complete SEO Optimization
  • Google Page #1 Ranking Strategy
  • Copywriting


  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Creation
  • Evergreen Lead Automation
  • Email List & Sales Funnel Setup
  • Client Referral & Follow-Up Strategy

INVESTMENT: 3 Payments of $1500 USD / $2000 CAD



Jody-Ann really goes above and beyond her "contract" and works with you with a vested interest in your growth and success. I have never had anyone do what they say they are going to do and continue to seek you out to be sure you follow through. There is no one like her helping wedding and event planners build and grow a successful business. She becomes a member of your team and I promise she is the missing piece to your puzzle!

Joy Tydings Milestone Event Planner

kelly spears gibson


I feel like when I was in High school and my teacher gave me back my paper with red ink all over it! Just kidding - in all seriousness, Jody-Ann was so helpful. I’m so thankful for the tips and advice. Everything she said makes perfect sense!!! 

Kelly Spears Gibson Event Planner & Caterer

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You'll also receive...

  • As we work through fixing all your systems and marketing, you have personal calls to request tutorials, talk through any challenges and work through any business or personal struggles that might be impacting your success. All meetings are recorded for your reference. 
  • To help support your continuous learning, you'll have lifetime access to the Event Certificate course library, which includes tutorials, podcasts and webinars on topics from Pricing to Facebook Ads for Event and Wedding Planners. 
  • If you ever run into an issue or feel stuck during the time we are working together, just send me a S.O.S. You will have 24/7 email access for issues that come up before or after our scheduled meetings. 
$10,000 Total Value

YOUR INVESTMENT: 3 Payments of $1500 USD or $2000 CAD

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