5 Effective Time Management Tips for Event Planners

Event Planners being small business owners often find themselves short on time. As the owner of a small business, you do not have the support staff that most larger operations have, and that means you need take the lead and handle a wide range of tasks. You can decrease daily responsibility by working from a shared space, for example. Doing so means you won’t have to focus on office space management tasks and can spend more time building out your business.

While dedicating much of your time and energy to the success of your business might be worth it, it can be difficult when it seems like there is never enough time in the day. That is why time management is one of the most critical skills for a small business owner. With effective time management techniques, you can get more work done and relieve much of the stress that comes with managing a business.

1. Plan Your Days

If you’re not planning your days, it’s going to be close to impossible to use your time as wisely. Each day should start with a plan for what needs to be done and how much time should be dedicated to each task. A smart way to do this is to create a to-do list every morning, you can also use a structured planner. With your days planned out, you’re not randomly moving from one task to the next either as they come up or as you think of them.

2. Guard Against Wasted Time

It can be easy to lose time to things that seem relatively harmless. However, this time adds up. Start being more conscious of how you spend your time. Try to keep your personal life as separate from your work life as possible, and using a tool to help you better manage your event planning business. Additionally, be aware of the time you spend on devices like your smartphone or laptop. Activities like playing games, watching videos, and browsing the web, can add up to a significant amount of wasted time.

3. Take Some Breaks

Taking breaks might seem counterintuitive if you’re trying to get more from your time, but a little time away from your work can actually make you more effective at managing your time. Research has proven that there are several benefits to taking breaks throughout the day. Short breaks have been shown to make workers more productive, more creative, and better at making decisions. Give yourself a few short breaks during the workday and you will find that you not only get more done, but that you actually perform better at your work.

4. Stop Multitasking

Event planning is a field that requires multi-tasking am I right? Wrong. People think they get more done when they multitask, but this is not true. Researchers have looked into it and as it turns out, your productivity can dip by as much as 40% when you multitask. The problem is that no one really performs more than one task at a time. In reality, you simply shift your attention from task to task. All of that task switching makes it take longer to get all of the work done, and since you are not focusing on any single task exclusively, you are not performing any one of the tasks to the best of your ability.

5. Start Exercising

Adding exercise to your routine can be another way to make it easier to manage your time. People who get regular exercise tend to have more energy throughout the day and this makes it easier for them to keep up with a demanding schedule. Furthermore, exercise is good for your overall health, so it can help you to avoid the setbacks that come with issues like injury and illness.

Many event planners feel as though they need to dedicate all of their time to growing their business. But, spending long hours at work won’t necessarily get you to where you need to be. Ensuring you’re managing your day-to-day effectively and taking care of yourself will help you reach your goals more easily.

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