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curated captions for wedding planners

Pre-written Captions & Photo Prompts for Wedding Planners

Have you ever read someone's Instagram post about their grandma's mac and cheese and how it led them to starting their successful 6-figure business? 

Did reading the post make you emotional?

Or did you read it, felt super inspired, while in the back of your mind wondered how they even thought of the caption for that post?

Did it make you wish you were a better writer?

Don't let another month go by reading other's Instagram posts, wishing that you could write as well as they do and feeling stuck about what to post.

64% of newly engaged couples announce their engagement on social media, and if your posts are not capturing their attention, your wedding planning business is missing out on potential clients.

Here's how our captions can help. 


Curated Captions

Our captions are pre-written with future brides and grooms in mind. They are wedding industry specific and customizable, so your potential clients will know they've found the right account. Best of all, you will never feel stuck about what to post again. Just copy the caption, edit and hit that share button. 


Image Prompts

If you're a seasoned wedding planner with a ton of event images, this will work for you as well. We also include image prompts for which of your own event images would be best to use, so you can swap out the image we provide with one of your own. 


Client Testimonials

Karell C. - CEO of Baha Beach Babe

Jody-Ann all I can say is WOW. I would never have thought of wording my captions like you did. 

Annie M. - Wedding Planner

I'm not a writer, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me write captions for my clients.

Nadia J. - Wedding Planner

Thank you for making me sound interesting! I received so many comments on the post.

What You'll Get When You Purchase the Bundle

Included with each bundle is a detailed How to Use Guide and our Hashtag Cheatsheet for Wedding Planners. 

instagram captions bundle for wedidng planners

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