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If you're struggling to get leads and nothing you're doing seems to be working consistently - I'm the Marketing Coach for you. I work with clients to implement the best lead systems for their business to move them from wondering how to find clients, to an inbox full of inquiries.

jody ann rowe marketing coach

Marketing Coach, CEO, Educator, YouTuber, Boujee Mom.

I'm an Online Marketing Expert, Event Planner and a nerd when it comes to numbers (I even have an Economics degree to prove it!). I went from starting my own online babysitter matching service at 18, to marketing and executing 5 and 6-figure corporate events. My goal is to help small business owners generate quality leads online, so they can make a living doing what they love, without feeling overwhelmed by their business.

A Jamaican-born, Canadian-packaged, YouTuber, educator and mango lover, my happiest days are spent behind the computer screen sharing my secrets for creating an efficient and profitable business.

Tosin Ibrahim

I wrapped up working with Jody-Ann and I have to say, it was well worth it. It took me a minute to find the right words to describe the exceptional service Jody-Ann provides. Jody-Ann turned all my business weakness to strengths. She is a wealth of knowledge and a professional at what she does. She helped me improve my business process and all her recommendations were astounding.

Wedding Planner

Rafeal Henderson

Because I believe there is room enough for everybody to win, I will shout it from the rooftop, Jody-Ann's strategy works.

I hired her and went from page 10 and beyond to being on the first page...And I've booked more weddings after hiring her than I have in my entire 6-year career. Hiring her was worth every penny. I made my money back and then some.

Wedding Planner

You can be the best Event Planner or Designer in the industry, but if no one knows you exist, then you don't have a business.

If you have a service you believe in, it's your responsibility to get it in front of the people you serve. But when you don't know how to do this effectively it can feel overwhelming. You start trying all the tips you've heard about how to find clients. You put up a Facebook page, add the pretty pictures to Instagram, create a Wedding Wire account and hope that's enough. But it still doesn't work...

Guess what? It all comes down to Marketing, and it doesn't have to be scary, difficult, or sleazy. It's all about understanding your clients and being clear on how you can help them. And when you begin to focus on serving, building trust and showing potential clients that you genuinely care, then the marketing magic happens. 

I'll show you exactly how to structure your business and brand to get found online and flooded with inquires.

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51 Ways to Find New Leads

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Event & Wedding Planner Business Toolkit

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Build the Business of your Dreams with these Programs


The Lead Generation Lab for Wedding Pros is the #1 Online Marketing Program designed to help you learn the best online marketing strategies for your business without guessing what works and what doesn't.


Why put all your time and efforts into platforms such as Instagram where your content is gone from the feed within a few hours when you could set your business up to get leads on autopilot over and over again? In this workshop you'll learn how to use YouTube to bring you more leads without paying for ads.

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event planning templates

Creating all your documents and process from scratch? The Event Planning Templates Shop is your one-stop-shop for pre-made, customizable, Canva templates that you can use over and over again in your business without wasting time on design work.

Available Now!

The #1 Pricing guide for event planners!

Time to stop undercharging for your services and wondering if you're charging enough. A step by step guide on how to price your event planning services for maximum profit. 

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What Students Say


Jody, I am so grateful for your program. I learned a lot and even took notes and screenshots! I also downloaded every video and template. I got a lot out of this program. Thank you for making it available.

PennyEvent Planner


A great value for time and money. Well worth the investment. I received some amazing tips on website and internet tools, as well as various forms and templates for my business. Jody-Ann, Thank you!

LisaEvent Planner


Your program was engaging, informative and full of pragmatic examples. I am really glad I purchased it. I'll go through it again as it's interspersed with richly dense information and easy to follow instructions to get my business on track.

JamieEvent Planner

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