How to Multiply Your Wedding Business Marketing with 1 Strategy

Content marketing is not dead, and so few Event Planners and Wedding Planners take advantage of this free marketing strategy.

I want to share how to multiply your marketing using one event with my 10-step content marketing plan for wedding planners.

Let’s say you have a wedding this week. What usually happens for most planners is that they plan the wedding, share some pics on social media, maybe add it to their website and then that’s it. Then maybe a year from now, they share another photo from the wedding wishing the couple a happy anniversary and thanking them for the pleasure of getting to work with them.

I’m about to change your content marketing game and get you ahead of over 50% of wedding planners that are not using this strategy right now.

The next time you plan a wedding here’s what I want you to do:

1. Take Photos of Your Process

Whether that’s a snap of the venue before you set up and then one after. Maybe that’s a quick video of the bride getting ready, or of the decor. Take as many little moments as you can (when not working!) as they will help you to market your business later.

Why am I asking you to take photos outside of the professional ones provided by the photographer? Professional photos are great, they are beautiful and the capture the ceremony and the couple and the decor. But what they don’t capture are the special little moments, the transformation of the venue, you and your staff behind the scenes. They don’t capture your special magic, and this is the magic that helps to build trust with your clients beyond the pretty photos.

2. Add Photos to your Website

Once the event is over and you’ve received the professional photos, add them to your website. In fact, this should be a permanent part of your process. At the end of each event, update your website with the professional photos from the event.

This is your opportunity to refresh your content and also review and remove any content that’s no longer applicable.

There are planners who’ve never updated their website since the web designer created it and handed it over. This will help to boost your SEO, so be sure to not skip this step.

3. Add your Photos to Pinterest

Once you’ve updated the gallery on your website, it’s time to take it externally and also update your Pinterest account.

Guess what? All your potential brides will be on Pinterest pinning inspiration to bring to your client consultations, so why not get ahead of the game and give them some inspiration to pin that could lead to them finding and hiring you?

And if you don’t currently use Pinterest, you need to change that today.

As a creative entrepreneur, there are many ways that you can reach your ideal audience on Pinterest. Pinterest can be used to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Share expertise
  • Share content
  • Create resources for your followers
  • Highlight your past clients

There are many different types of content that you can share on Pinterest on your Pinterest boards:

  • links to your writing or services online
  • helpful videos to educate your clients
  • infographics or stats to build your expertise
  • graphics showing off your events

Pinterest, unlike other social media platforms, provides LONG-TERM website traffic for your business marketing.

Download this Guide on how to use Pinterest for your Event Planning Business.

4. Write a Blog Post

Believe it or not, blogs are not dead. I know, everyone is now focused on Instagram and TikTok and all the other social media platforms. But when it comes to getting found through someone searching on Google, it comes from your blog content.

After each event, write a blog post about the event. Give your potential clients some insight into the day, the process and the outcomes. Answer some frequently asked questions for them.

This will help to drive up your SEO!

For example: let’s say your couple got married at the Bang Bang Chapel in New Orleans and you blogged about the event and included the venue information and details. Your blog posts have a chance of being found in google by other potential clients searching for information on the Bang Bang chapel. These are clients that may never have found your business otherwise.

5. Pin your Blog Post to Pinterest

In Step #3 I asked you to add your event photos to Pinterest. What I want you to do now is to use a program such as Canva, to create a Pinterest image for the blog post and add this to your Pinterest account.

This is another step to extend your awareness and reach on Pinterest, but this time for the Blog Post, rather than just the event photos.

I recommend creating 3 to 15 Pinterest images for the blog post to amplify your reach using different colors or designs. These pins should all link back to your blog post, which helps to drive even more traffic to your website.

Here’s an example of a blog post Pin:

pinterest marketing for wedding planners

6. Share your Photos on Instagram

From the same event share different images on your other social media platform. Let’s take for example Instagram. Post a photo in your Instagram stories and on your feed. Use your caption to share the story of the couple.

What was unique about them?

How did they meet?

What made you cry at this wedding?

What went wrong that no one knew about?

How did you and your team make this event happen?

Share all the details that a potential client would be inspired by and be wanting to double-tap and send you a DM for.

7. Share your photos on Facebook

Just like on Instagram, I want you to hop on Facebook and share different photos from your event. Share a little story about the event, and about the couple and increase your exposure on the Facebook platform.

Facebook also has Facebook stories where you can share even more images from the event.

8. Share a Video from the Event

If you have a video from the event be sure to share this on all your video platforms. Facebook stories, Instagram Stories, and YouTube are great for these.

TIP: Do not share those 2-hour wedding videos that the couple receives from their videographer. Unless a potential client knows the couple personally, chances are they do not want to watch a 2 hours wedding video.

What I want you to share instead of those short 2-5 minute videos that a couple will receive from the videographer. This is a short glimpse into the day and enough to create intrigue and impress your potential clients.

Got a question about how you can work with me to amplify your marketing? Check out my VIP Coaching package.

9. Share your Client Reviews

If you received a review from the client for this event, do not sleep on this. Add this review to all your platforms to maximize your exposure and increase social proof that you’re amazing!

Add the review to your website, get your client to add it to Google reviews, Facebook and any other review site.

Use Canva to create an image graphic and add the text from the review, make it all pretty and share it on your Instagram feed, stories, and Facebook account.

Don’t let your reviews just sit on one platform. Share it around, because you earned it.

10. Connect with your Vendors

Now that the event is over, reach out to your vendors and thank them for helping you make the day happen.

Then I want you to suggest different ways in which you can collaborate to increase exposure for the event.

For example: Connect with the photographer to see if he/she will be submitting the event for publication on any blogs or magazine and ask if there is anything you can do to help.

If that submission happens and gets published in a magazine or on a blog, that is even more exposure for your business and brand.


Amplifying the reach of your marketing is easier than you think. It takes just one event to bring you traffic from multiple sources. It’s all about what you share, how you share it and having a strategy in place.

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