How to Plan a Styled Shoot

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Whether your goal is to build your portfolio, book more clients, improve your branding or network with vendors, a styled shoot can help.

A styled shoot can be a powerful tool to achieve various goals in your event planning journey. Whether you aim to enhance your portfolio, attract more clients, strengthen your branding, or foster valuable connections with vendors, this creative endeavor can prove to be a game-changer.

To ensure you plan the best-styled shoot possible, I’ve outlined five simple steps that will guide you through the process, no matter your objective:

1. Start with a Goal: Define a clear and specific goal for your styled shoot. Are you aiming to showcase a specific theme, highlight your expertise in a particular event style, or collaborate with vendors to cross-promote each other’s services? Understanding your objective from the outset will help you shape the shoot and keep it focused.

2. Brainstorm Ideas/Inspiration: Let your creativity flow during the brainstorming process. Gather inspiration from various sources such as Pinterest, wedding blogs, fashion magazines, or even nature. Develop a mood board that captures the overall look and feel you want to achieve. This will serve as a guiding visual reference throughout the planning process.

3. Build Your Team: Assemble a talented and passionate team that shares your vision. Collaborate with photographers, florists, makeup artists, stylists, models, and other professionals whose expertise aligns with your styled shoot’s theme. A cohesive and dedicated team will bring your ideas to life and elevate the overall quality of the shoot.

4. Find a Location: Select a stunning and suitable location that complements your shoot’s theme. The venue should align with the overall aesthetic and ambiance you wish to portray. Whether it’s an elegant ballroom, a lush garden, or an urban rooftop, the location sets the stage for your styled shoot’s success.

5. Create a Schedule: Establish a detailed schedule for the styled shoot day, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Plan out each aspect of the shoot, from hair and makeup to outfit changes, floral arrangements, and lighting setups. A well-organized schedule helps keep everyone on track and ensures you capture all the planned shots.

Bonus tip: Consider creating a shot list to ensure you capture all the essential images you need to achieve your goals. This can include different angles, details, and key moments to highlight the shoot’s theme and showcase the work of your talented team.

Incorporate these five steps into your planning process, and you’ll be well on your way to orchestrating an exceptional styled shoot that aligns perfectly with your objectives. Remember to enjoy the creative journey and document the process, as styled shoots not only serve as valuable professional assets but also become cherished memories of collaborative artistry. Happy planning!

To help you get started here are some examples of a styled shoot created by Latisha Joseph, the Owner and Lead Planner behind Bluu Ribbon Events.

styled shoot example
styled shoot example
styled shoot example
styled shoot example

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