It's Simple...If clients don't know you exist, then you won't be getting booked.

The Lead Generation Clinic is a hot seat-style session - designed to give Wedding Pros practical, hands-on marketing help to double their leads.  

Struggling to Find Leads for your Business?

If you're a Wedding Pro who's feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure about how to find clients, the Lead Generation Clinic is for you. No more fluffy webinars or online courses—the clinic is interactive, personalized, and designed to give you concrete advice that you can apply right away.

FACT: YOU CAN'T BUILD A BUSINESs without clients

I started my business like most event planners. You enjoy doing a thing (planning events for my friends and family), so you decided to turn it into a business. 

The thing that no tells you though, is that unlike your friends and family, clients don't just automatically think of you and send you a text when planning an event.

Let's be honest, if they did I'd be out of a job...

marketing is the key to growing your business

The reality is that you do have to market your business to get in front of clients. 

But what most of us think is marketing, is worrying about which social media platforms to use, how many times to post, which Facebook ad to run... and on and on. 

The thing is, that's the equivalent of going door to door hoping that someone is home making dinner and will invite you in for a plate.

Your business needs more than hope to get leads. 

Enters.... The Lead Generation Clinic

The Lead Generation Clinic is not about doing More

The average Wedding Pro is not skilled at marketing - and you don't need to be. You're amazing at creating beautiful weddings and crafting magical experiences for your clients. 

The Clinic is designed to show you exactly how your clients think, where they are looking for vendors, and how to make that work to your advantage, before you spend another hour on Instagram wondering why you're still not booking any clients. 

The Lead Generation Clinic Includes

In this virtual, hot seat-style session, you get personalized advice tailored to your business. You can drop in at any time during the session and watch others "get fixed" or take your turn in the hot seat for live feedback and suggestions. Whether you're a new business owner or an experienced professional, you'll walk away with actionable tips.

No Fluff Content Tips

I'm sharing the exact type of content you should be sharing to attract clients to your website and social media. 


You can't be a CEO without understanding SEO, and I'm sharing exactly how to get to the top of a Google Search.

3rd Party Marketing / Ads

Should you runs Facebook Ads? Take out a premium listing on the Knot? I'll show you my strategy for testing if it's really worth it.

Pinterest & YouTube

If you're tired of Instagram and getting overwhelmed by trends and algorithm changes, my Pinterest and YouTube tips are what you need.

What Others Say


I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with Jody-Ann and to have bought all her templates for my event planning business. She was very compassionate and very knowledgeable, I learned a lot during our conversation which has propelled me to excelling in my business. 

 / Wedding Planner


Jody-Ann is the G-O-A-T!

Jackline Zakari

/ Wedding Designer


My session with Jody-Ann was informative and motivating. Her advice and recommendations were on point. She's awesome!!

/ Event Planner

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Marketing Advice for Wedding Pros

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