#1 Reason Clients Will Hire You

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To book more clients and get hired consistently it is important to understand your ideal customers and how to communicate with them.

Someone once said:

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

Before we dive into the #1 reason clients will hire you, let’s define some of the terms you will often hear used by marketing experts.

If you subscribe to any business blogs, podcasts or just pick up a book, you’ll often hear terms like “Target Market”, “Ideal Clients” and “Client Avatar” tossed around. But what do these terms mean for you and your business?

Target Market

Your target market is the group of clients to whom your services apply. For example: if you’re a wedding planner your target market is newly engaged couples. These are the clients who would potentially be looking for a wedding planner for their big day.

Ideal Clients

While your target market covers all newly engaged couples, it is fair to say that they will not all be booking your service. There are certain criteria that you might have for working with clients that are not met by everyone in your target market. For example: If you work with only future brides and grooms with a budget over $10,000. By setting the $10k limit you’ll eliminate a portion of customers in your target market. This means that your ideal clients are a smaller sub-section of your target market.

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Client Avatar

Your client avatar is a detailed description of a perfect ideal client. See more on how to create a Client Avatar for your event planning business.

But why are these terms important?

When it comes to working with event planning clients it is important to understand who your customers are, and why they are looking for an event planner.

The #1 Biggest Result You Provide

To book more clients you will need to be able to identify the #1 biggest result that you are able to provide to them. For example, if you’re a wedding planner, maybe the biggest benefit you provide is being able to plan their event from beginning to end.

Benefits of the Result (why they should hire you!)

The next thing you need to be able to articulate is the benefit to your client of this result. If you can plan their event from beginning to end the following benefits would apply:

  • Save them time
  • Save them money
  • Reduce their stress levels from planning an event unassisted

Once you are able to clearly articulate the #1 biggest result you provide and the benefits to the client of this result, you will be able to book more clients and fill your calendar.

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