5 Things Successful Event Planners Do Differently

Learning what to do to get your business off to the right start is the first step to being a successful event planner.

Event planning is a customer focused industry and because of this most event planners will go the distance to ensure client satisfaction, even at the expense of their business. While it is important to ensure that your clients are satisfied with your services, it is also important to ensure that you are making the best decisions for your business. Try to not make emotional decisions about pricing and discounts simply to make your clients happy. Try to create a relationship that is mutually beneficial. These are the tips successful event planners use to grow their businesses.

Tip: Believe in your business and trust your abilities. Compromising your values is not an option that should be taken on just to make a client happy. 

  1. Work with realistic deadlines

You will often encounter clients who have waited until a crucial point in the planning process before hiring an event planner. Some clients believe they can plan events on their own and usually will not realize the amount of work required until it is too late. That’s ok. Working with clients on short deadlines is perfectly acceptable, as long as it does not affect your workflow.

For example: If you encounter a bride who is a month away from her wedding, has a limited budget and will require a significant amount of your time to plan the event. This is an event that will impact the number of hours you have available to dedicate to your other clients. Before taking on a client like this ensure that the timeline is realistic, and that you will not be overwhelmed. Sometimes it might be best to pass on booking a client if it will affect your stress level and time.

Tip: Successful event planners choose their clients and events wisely. They do not book just any client who walks through their doors. 

2. Charge enough for their services

Throwing a beautiful wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah etc., is the main reason clients will book an event planner. Creating these beautiful events, however, can be quite costly, especially if your clients would like the best decor options. Many clients are often not aware of the cost that goes along with creating these spectacular event designs. As a result, they will ask for discounts and lower prices. If you wish to have a profitable business you will need to set your prices and stick to them. While offering discounts to clients you work with continuously is fine for building a referral relationship, this is not the best way to operate your business.

Tip: Successful event planners charge what their services are worth and do not discount their prices. The key is to sell customers on the value that you will be providing rather than the price. You will be planning their wedding, one of the most memorable experiences in their entire life. Do they wish to have a well-planned event or scrimp on lower-valued substitutes?


3. Take time to rest and relax

Event planning is stressful! You will have multiple events on the go, multiple clients to answer to or just be consumed with the details of planning an event. It is crucial to take time away from your job to rest and relax. This will allow your mind and body to rewind, coming back to your events with a clear mind and full of energy.

According to Business News Daily, Event Planning is number 5 on the list of most stressful jobs in 2016. This is after police officers!

Successful event planners most stressful jobs of 2016

Tip: Successful event planners take time off from their business. This includes vacations, regular exercise or just a day out from the office. You cannot offer clients your best service, if you are not your best self. 

4. Compromise on their standards

It goes without saying that clients will have different ideas about how they would like to plan an event than you do. This is perfectly acceptable, however, these ideas should never put you in a position where you need to compromise your business standards. For example, if a client is trying to save on cost by having more guests than their venue can comfortably fit. While this is ultimately the client’s decision, you also need to think about what the overall event will look like. If making a decision such as this will compromise the quality of the event with your name attached to it, then you seriously need to evaluate going ahead with the option.

Tip: Successful event planners plan events with their brand in mind. They understand that any event they organize will have their name attached to it. Ensure that you are making decisions with your clients that still positions your brand positively while accomplishing your client’s goals.

5. Successful Event Planners are Lifelong learners

Event planning is an ever changing industry. Each day there are new tools, designs and decor options being introduced into the market. It is your job to keep on top of trends and ensure that you invest in yourself. Never stop learning! Enroll in courses, read articles, visit blogs. Do everything you can to refresh and improve your skills, this will increase the value you are able to offer to your clients and your business.

Tip: Successful event planners constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in their industry. They also enroll in courses to continuously upgrade their skills and expertise. 

You are now equipped to deal with these situations like a true professional if they ever arise. Be confident, enhance your value and choose clients that suit your business.

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  1. I am looking to host a large banquet once this quarantine ends to connect with my friends and family over a nice dinner and music. I want this to be an upscale event. Thank you so much for your advice that a good event planner will understand how long an event takes to plan and will know what those deadlines reasonably look like. It sounds like I will have to look for event planners that fit your points so that I can have my great banquet.

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