Five Unique Event Planning Careers

Five Unique Event Planning Careers

Having a career in Event Planning can be an exciting one, however, if you enjoy working in the event industry but is currently looking for a niche market here are 5 unique event planning careers available to you.

Vintage Rentals

Vintage weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Brides and grooms are now injecting a bit of vintage glamour into their special day to express their unique tastes. If you like the idea of working with vintage decors, a vintage rental company is the perfect opportunity for you. This is a great way to expand on an existing passion, share an already existing vintage collection with others, and most importantly generate income. Company Example: Vintage plate rentals. 

Day of Event Coordination

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming for most brides and grooms, weddings require a significant amount of coordination and attention to detail. While some brides will opt to plan their weddings without the assistance of an event planner, hiring a day of the event coordinator has become a popular trend. Day of the event coordinators are responsible for ensuring the smooth execution of the event, is the main contact for event emergencies and questions, allowing the bride and groom to relax and enjoy their special day. If haggling with suppliers and scouting venues are not your strong points, but directing and supervising is, this is the career path for you.

Event Entertainer

While there are no shortages of party entertainers for kids and cultural events, finding unique entertainment for major events such as weddings can sometimes be a challenge. As events evolve over the years so do people’s preferences and comedians or magicians will just no longer do. If you have a unique talent that can entertain the masses this is an area of rapid growth that is worth exploring.

Wedding Accessories Designer

Brides are often looking for unique wedding accessories to add to their wedding attire that complements their dresses as well as wows their attendees. Producing a unique item that can accomplish this is sure to garner much attention in the wedding industry. For example, many brides are now opting for non-traditional bouquets such as a the now popular brooch bouquet. Get creative and be sure to list your items on marketplace sites such as Etsy.

Dinner Party Caterer/Delivery

At home dinner parties are on the rise again this year. Hosting parties in your own home is now as much about food and friends as it is about entertaining and decor. However, with the busy lives that everyone leads today throwing a Cupcakes and Cashmere style dinner party is not always as easy and effortless as they appear. For this reason more hosts are now opting to hire in-home caterers or food delivery/shopping services to help along the way. This not only saves the host/hostess the stress of organizing multiple aspects of a dinner party, but also provides them with assistance to create an effortlessly chic and elegant dinner at home.

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