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Having a comprehensive list of event planning preferred vendors you know and trust is not only vital for ensuring smooth and successful events but also a fantastic way to demonstrate your value and expertise to clients. When you have a pool of verified and recommended vendors readily available, you instill confidence in your clients, assuring them that you’ve carefully curated a team of reliable partners.

Moreover, having a preferred vendor list can yield cost-saving benefits as well. By collaborating with these trusted vendors and offering special pricing to referral clients, you create a win-win situation for everyone involved. The vendors get more business, and you can accurately project costs for future events, eliminating the worry of unexpected price increases.

The process of building such a list may seem daunting, but fear not – it’s easier than you think! Here are five tips to help you forge strong and lasting relationships with your preferred vendors for a prosperous partnership in the future:

Tip #1: Research a List of 2-3 Potential Vendors for Each Event Service:

Begin by identifying the key event services you frequently require, such as catering, floral arrangements, photography, etc. Research and compile a shortlist of 2-3 potential vendors for each service. Look for vendors who align with your client’s preferences and fit within your event themes and budgets.

Tip #2: Meet & Evaluate Each Preferred Vendor:

Take the time to personally meet with each vendor on your shortlist. During these meetings, assess their professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Share your vision and expectations for events, and gauge their ability to deliver according to your standards.

Tip #3: Ask Preferred Vendors for Past Client Reviews:

Request references from past clients who have worked with the vendors you’re considering. Hearing about their experiences will provide valuable insights into the vendor’s reliability and the quality of their services.

Tip #4: Add Vendors to Your Database Once Reviewed:

Once you’ve vetted and approved a vendor, add them to your preferred vendor database. Organize the list by services offered, location, and any other relevant criteria. This database will serve as your go-to resource when planning future events.

Tip #5: Conduct a Periodical Review of Your Preferred Vendors List:

Periodically review your preferred vendor list to ensure the vendors continue to meet your expectations. Stay updated on their offerings, prices, and any changes in their business that may impact your partnership. Regular communication will strengthen your bond and ensure a thriving collaboration.

Once your preferred vendors’ list is created, you will want to review it periodically. Why? Because companies change policies, go out of business, or increase prices, which may mean it is no longer beneficial for you to do business with them. You’ll also want to take the opportunity to check for new companies in your area and update your list accordingly.

With dedication and investment of time, you can build and maintain a strong network of vendors who share your commitment to excellence. A well-curated list of preferred vendors not only benefits your business but also enhances the overall experience for your clients, making it a worthwhile endeavor. Happy vendor hunting!

For more detailed information on how to conduct each of the listed tips, watch the video below.

Preferred Vendors List


Grab a copy of our vendor evaluation worksheet to help you get started!

Conclusion: Preferred Vendors

Once your list of needs is created and has been in place for several months or years, evaluate the results and see if you would like to make any changes.  While developing this list does require an initial time investment, it will pay off significantly in the end with the number of clients and referrals coming into your event planning business.

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