Introducing Creative Market

The online digital marketplace for Event and Wedding Planners like myself who are not graphic designers but wish to create impressive social media posts.

I get super jealous of other event planners social media feeds. It made me wonder, how much time do they have to create these images?!

I know i'm not alone in feeling like I needed to be a graphic designer to have the pretty Instagram feed and Instagram stories with video and moving images. Until I discovered Creative Market...

My Personal Favourites

Here are my Top 3 items on Creative Market under $40

This is essentially a still image with a moving part, such a candle with a moving flame. But in a picture!

This huge collection of icons can make your Instagram account stand out and look professionally branded.

These will make your stories come alive. Mesmerizing and surprising at the same time. Give your followers a reason to stop.

Creative Market gave me the option of spending more time finding clients and less time figuring out how to make my Instagram pretty.”

finding my social media voice

Before Creative Market I created a lot of my social media templates on my own. This meant that I would take 1 day each month using a design program to create templates and plan out my content. Not only was this time consuming, but after a while I was using the same boring templates over and over again - because let's face it, i'm not a graphic designer. With Creative Market, I don't have to think about the designing aspect and can just focus on creating content and booking more clients. That's a huge win in my books. 

The video that inspired my first Purchase

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