This is one of the most common questions I receive from event planners whenever I discuss websites: “What’s the best website platform to use?”.

Choosing a website for your event planning business is a huge deal. Your website will be the online home for your business. It’s therefore important to choose the best website platform for you, your clients and the future growth of your company.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re on a website platform that is not working for you, this is also an opportunity for you to change to one that better suits your needs.

Today, I’m sharing my top 4 recommended best website platforms, the reason I love them and why you may or may not enjoy using them.

1. WordPress

I’ve listed WordPress first because I do not believe in saving the best for last. WordPress is my all time favorite website platforms and quite frankly one of the best website platforms on the market.

I’ll be honest that I am a bit biased here, I run multiple websites and they are all on WordPress so my favouritism may also be stemming from my familiarity with the platform. But beyond that, WordPress is also a really robust program.

Pros of Using WordPress:

  • The ability to install different themes without coding the site yourself
  • The ability to edit the code of the themes if you need to customize it more
  • The option to use plugin (these are WordPress tools) to add different features to your website. For example: a plugin to help optimize your images to keep your website speed fast
  • A blogging platform that is search engine friendly

Cons of Using WordPress

  • If you’re not tech-savvy, WordPress can present some challenges, but there are many Themes such as the Divi Theme or Elementor that allows for easy drag and drop website building
  • If you’re not familiar with WordPress, there is a learning curve
  • You might need to hire a Web Designer to get your website up and running for you

How to get started with WordPress

WordPress itself is FREE, however, to get your site live, you do need someone to host it for you. This is where a company such as BlueHost is particularly useful. Here are the steps to get started for the lowest cost:

STEP 1: Sign up with Blue Host for a hosting account & domain name

best websites bluehost

STEP 2: Build your website using a Theme (for example the Divi Theme or Elementor Builder)

best websites elementor

STEP 3: Add plugins to your website as needed (most are free, some might be paid)

wordpress best websites for blogging

STEP 4: Make your website Live!

2. Showit

If you’re looking for the SEO benefits of WordPress paired with a photo driven website platform, then Showit is for you.

Showit was designed specifically for photographers who has a lot of beautiful images to showcase, so it has some of the most visually appealing themes I’ve seen.

Pros of Using Showit

  • Image driven themes that are great for wedding planners & photographers
  • WordPress blog feature, which is great for getting found online (once you’re blogging!)
  • No coding required
  • An incredible amount of support available from their team

Cons of Using Showit

  • Mobile site has been known to have some issues
  • If you’re scared of design, you might need to hire a designer
  • Doesn’t have an all in one platform. For example, integrating ecommerce if needed.

How to Get Started on Showit

The process for getting started on Showit is super simple. Just hop on over to their website, sign up for an account, choose a plan and you’re ready to start building your website.

best websites showit

3. Squarespace

If you’re looking for a platform that is easy to get started and use, Squarespace is definitely one of the best website platforms for that.

I have a couple of clients who use squarespace and loves it, I personally love it. It is simple, clean and easy to edit.

Pros of using Squarespace

  • Simple, clean, modern design
  • Easy to use and edit
  • No coding required. Perfect for beginners!
  • An all in one platform
  • 24/7 support

Cons of using Squarespace

  • Little to no third party apps. If you’re looking to maximize on the customization like on WordPress, this is not it.
  • Little marketing support. Squarespace is great and they do offer some SEO tools, but it is not as advance as the other platforms featured in this article

How to get started on Squarespace

To get started on Squarespace, visit their website, hit the “get started” button, tell them a bit about what you plan on using the site for, and start building. It’s really that simple!

best websites squarespace

4. Wix (Best Websites for Ease)

I’m surprising myself by adding this one to the list, but I would not be a good digital marketer if I wasn’t honest.

Wix is a platform that I used to not recommend. I would tell clients to avoid them at all cost. Why? They were easy to use and get started but was subpar when it came to SEO and integrating other third-party apps and tools.

However, as someone who has worked on different Wix websites over the years – they’ve officially earned their spot on this list.

Wix is by far one of the easiest website platforms out there to use. They have even improved their SEO tools tenfolds over the years, making it easier for you to get found online.

They have designed templates (do not use these and I’ll explain why shortly), they have a simple drag and drop builder, AND they have an intuitive built-in designer that can generate a site for you in minutes by answering a few questions. If that doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what will.

But back to why I suggest not using the Wix template…

Here’s the thing, most event planners and wedding planners are not web designers, and when they are just starting out and trying to bootstrap their businesses, Wix is often an easy option for them.

As a result of this, most wedding and event planners who have built their websites themselves using Wix, use one of the predesigned templates. Wix has its templates created in categories, and what are those categories? “Wedding Planner” and “Event Planner”.

Everyone that I’ve met in the industry who are struggling to get found online and have a Wix website, have chosen the same theme.

This means that almost every website that I visit for potential clients on Wix are all the same layout, format and color scheme. Now I’m in a unique position because I’m a digital marketer looking at multiple websites, but so will your clients when they are shopping around. And if your website is the same cookie-cutter template and color as the others, what will help you to stand out?

Pros of Using Wix

  • Very easy to design without a designer
  • Easy to use drag and drop builder
  • You can launch a website within a weekend
  • SEO optimization tools are included on the platform

Cons of Using Wix

  • Most wedding planners use the same pre-designed template. Though this is not a con of Wix per say, it does speak to the need for more variety within their templates for the events industry
  • You do need to think creatively if you wish to not have a cookie-cutter website.

How to get Started with Wix

Wix makes it quite easy to get your website up and running. It is as simple as creating an account, choosing a plan, and start building.

wix best websites for ease of use

If you already have a website

If you already have a website and this list has you thinking about if it’s time to change, keep reading.

Before deciding to make the leap from one platform to another I highly recommend optimizing your current website. I’ve met so many clients who believe that moving platforms will be the key to getting more visitors and this could not be more incorrect.

I’ve created a website audit checklist to help you get started. This list will ask you to review a number of items on your website to see if you are optimizing your site to client bookings.
best websites review checklist

Best Websites: Conclusion

As you can see choosing the best websites for wedding planners is not as easy as it seems. It all comes down to what features you’ll need, your skill level and how much you’re willing to invest. If you’re fairly tech-savvy, WordPress is probably your best option. But if you aren’t but you can invest in hiring a designer WordPress is still one of the best. Now if you are not tech-savvy and do not have a lot to invest, then Wix is definitely the best platform for you.