Is your HoneyBook setup proving to be more challenging than you thought? 

Well, you're in the right place!


We work with Wedding Planners to streamline their HoneyBook setup and get their client process running smoothly and efficiently. Don't spend another minute struggling to figure out the best ways to customize a template, setup a workflow, integrate HoneyBook with your other programs, or automating your emails in HoneyBook. That's why we are here.


From your proposals to your brochures, we will create and setup branded templates to meet all your client needs.


An automated workflow will save you time and keep your process streamlined. We provide 17 auto-triggered emails to keep you and your clients on track.

TRAININg & support

In addition to setup services we also provide training and support on how to use the platform efficiently for your business.

Jody-Ann has been a phenomenal asset to my business process improvement! 

Anshwa Lewis (Wedding Planner)

We give Wedding Pros back their time...


This option is for you if you're done trying to figure out HoneyBook on your own, and would like us to step in and set it all up for you.


This option is for you is you've got your templates all figured out, but don't have a workflow, and you're tired of sending clients emails one by one.


This option is for you if you've got HoneyBook pretty much figured out but need help branding, customizing and setting up your templates.

Schedule a call to find out which is the best option for you!

How It Works:

Our HoneyBook Educator will review your needs and discuss the best option for your business. Once your project is approved and payment is made we begin working on setting up your HoneyBook features. When the setup is complete, we will meet with you and walk you through how to use the program. This includes a recorded video tutorial for you to keep. 

Here are our steps:

  • 1
    Meet with Jody-Ann (HoneyBook Educator)
  • 2
    You decide on the best option for you
  • 3
    We begin setting up your templates & workflow
  • 4
    We meet with you and show you how to use the system

Jody-Ann Rowe

I'm an Online Marketing Expert, Event Planner and a nerd when it comes to numbers and process improvement. My goal is to help event planners streamline their businesses and generate quality leads, so they can make a living doing what they love, without feeling overwhelmed by their business. A Jamaican-born, Canadian-packaged, YouTuber, educator and mango lover, my happiest days are spent behind the computer screen sharing my secrets for creating an efficient and profitable event planning business.

They say

I wrapped up working with Jody-Ann last year and I have to say, it was well worth it. It took me a minute to find the right words to describe the exceptional service Jody-Ann provides. Jody-Ann turned all my business weakness to strengths. She is a wealth of knowledge and a professional at what she does. She helped me improve my business process and all her recommendations were astounding.

Temi Ibrahim

To say that Jody-Ann is the best is an understatement. She knows exactly what she's doing. What I love the most about her is she explains everything thoroughly. I would recommend all of her services to any new business owner or any owner who feels they have been in the game for some time and haven't gotten any where.

Miea Lawson-Earl

HoneyBook Setup Services Price List

Full Setup             


Approximately 2 Weeks

Training & Support Provided

Workflow Setup


Approximately 1 Week

Training & Support Provided

Templates Setup


Approximately 1 Week

Training & Support Provided

Ready to get started?

Schedule a call to find out the best option for you!

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