We have rounded up a list of 10 favorite event planning books from some of the best authors in the industry. These books provide a comprehensive list of materials covering topics from event planning logistics to business promotion.

There are many ways to learn event and wedding planning. This can be from Youtube, Podcasts, Courses, you name it. But one of the best sources to learn are event planning books. These are essentially time capsules of tired and tested methods by some of the best in the industry.

Today we’re sharing all the best event planning books to get you started.

Start Your Own Event Planning Business

Startup event planning book

Why we like it: Take your passion for event planning to the next level with in-the-trenches advice and tools you need to start, run, and grow a successful business. From writing a solid contract to finding reliable vendors, this book will help you identify your niche, teach you how to scout potential clients, evaluate the competition, market your business, and more.

Event Planning and Management: Principles, Planning and Practice

event planning and management ruth dowson event planning book

Why we like it: Event Planning and Management, second edition, is an ideal resource for those seeking a step by step formula to plan and deliver a successful event. With the vital balance of professional experience behind them, the authors teach the next generation of event planners with unrivalled knowledge, from initial venue selection, budgeting and programme content, to managing stakeholders and sponsors, promotion, risk assessment, safety and post-event evaluation.

Special Events: Creating and Sustaining a New World for Celebration

special events event planning book

Why we like it: Providing a comprehensive guide to understanding, planning, promoting, and producing special events, this seventh edition of Special Events describes the theory and practice of all aspects of event management. Written for current and future event leaders, the text continues to expand its emphasis on the growing globalization of the profession, taking into account the skills leaders need to deal with other cultures, societies, and business practices to plan and deliver successful events. 

How to Price your Event Planning Services

event planner pricing ebook

Why we like: Whether you’re starting an event planning business for weddings, corporate events, or social celebrations, you should know how to charge for services.

There are several factors that goes into determining your rate, including event planning and operating expenses, salaries, and profits. Rates will vary based on your location, your skills, the type of events and what the market is willing to pay.

This workbook will walk you through the process of calculating the best price for your event planning services using the three most common pricing structures for event and wedding planners.

Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide

event planning book

Why we like it: This bestselling all-in-one guide to the event planning business is back and better than ever, fully updated and revised to reflect the very latest trends and best practices in the industry. This handy, comprehensive guide includes forms, checklists, and tips for managing events, as well as examples and case studies of both successful and unsuccessful events.

Into the Heart of Meetings

Into the Heart of Meetings: Basic Principles of Meeting Design event planning books

Why we like it: Into the Heart of Meetings defines meetings as a form of communication. It describes the characteristic processes of meetings and how to influence them through Meeting Design. Based on many years of working together as professional Meeting Designers, the authors provide an array of tools that enable meeting organisers to obtain the best outcomes from their meetings as measured by their business value.

Book Yourself Solid

book yourself solid

Why we love it: According to the Small Business Administration, 90% of service businesses will fail within the first five years. They fail not because they don’t offer great services and products, but because the owners are extremely uncomfortable with traditional marketing and sales. The result is a frustrated, isolated, and overwhelmed business owner who does not know there is an entirely different, highly successful approach to marketing and sales available—and it’s laid out in Book Yourself Solid.

Book Yourself Solid is based on Michael Port’s proven system for getting more clients. And it works. In fact, 93% of business owners who have used the system have experienced a 34% increase in their total number of clients and a 42% increase in sales in the first year alone.

Original, wildly inspiring, personal, and provocative, Book Yourself Solid is an easy-to-follow road map for starting and growing your service business based on seven core self-promotion strategies. You’ll not only learn how to develop a strong marketing plan and brand identity, but you’ll also learn why self-promotion is absolutely critical to your success—and how to do it with passion and purpose. Even if you hate the idea of marketing and selling yourself, this practical, inspirational guide will lift you up and give you the confidence you need to comfortably and authentically market yourself and your services, tap into an endless supply of quality referrals, and watch your business grow. If you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll find the fresh ideas and tactics you need to keep bringing in new business for years to come. If you’re a novice service professional looking for a complete business building system, you’ll have the keys to unlock long-lasting business prosperity, security, and abundance for yourself and your family.

Once you make a name for yourself using the seven core strategies for self-promotion, you’ll be able to run a profitable, meaningful, and absolutely booked-solid business overflowing with as many clients as your heart desires.

Brag!: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn without Blowing It

brag book

The renowned communication expert’s subtle but effective plan for selling your best asset – yourself – without turning off those you’re trying to impress.

Meeting Architecture: A Manifesto

meeting architecture event planning books

This Award winning book is for those that organize or plan meetings, conferences or events. It is a manifesto for the discipline of Meeting Architecture. It reveals the process and a set of tools for designing better, more effective, high impact meetings, conferences and events.

The Accidental Creative

the accidental creative event planning books

Many of us assume that our creative process is beyond our ability to influence, and pay attention to it only when it isn’t working properly. For the most part, we go about our daily tasks and everything just “works.” Until it doesn’t. Now business creativity expert Todd Henry explains how to unleash your creative potential. Whether you’re a creative by trade or an “accidental creative,” this book will help you quickly and effectively integrate new ideas into your daily life.

That’s it folks! My list of the top 10 recommended books that event and wedding planners need to read. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.