Finding High End Clients for your Event Planning Business

As Event Planners we find ourselves in a unique position, while new clients for most business owners means a client for years to come, for Event Planners this could mean a client for only one event. To ensure high revenue targets some Event Planners try to focus on working with high-end clients. This allows them to work with clients that have a larger budget and therefore provides a higher return.

But if you currently work with mid to low budget clients, how do you break into the high-end market?

Attracting high-end clients for your event planning business is two-folds:

Part 1. Go where high-end clients are

Part 2. Attract high-end clients to you

Let us breakdown and explore these two sections in more detail below, outlining three key tips for each section to help you get on your way to booking your next high-end client.

​Go Where High-end Clients Are

Before you can work with high-end clients you need to figure out where they are and how to find. You will need to do some research on your target clients to get into their minds and lifestyle.

1. Engage with your target clients socially​

Where are they hanging out? Golf clubs, country club, hot yoga, independent coffee shops? You need to find these locations and engage with them. Join the country club or a yoga class, they will get to know you and your business socially over time without the need for a sales pitch. 

Target Client Worksheet

Download a copy of our Target Client Worksheet

2. Connect with industry partners

Try to think of vendors in your industry who your target clients would be working with and connect with them. For example, couples would visit a jeweler when they get engaged. Try reaching out to a local luxury jeweler to see if they would be willing to collaborate and create a partnership.

Related businesses such as caterers, florists and venues can also be great industry partners to obtain additional high-end client referrals.

3. Find your target clients online

In addition to locating high-end clients offline you should also be working to find them online. Which websites do they visit? Which blogs do they read? Find out what these online venues are and connect with them through social media, forums, or through ads such as Facebook advertisements. ​

Get our Free Target Client Worksheet

Use our target client worksheet to create a detailed profile of your ideal client and how to find them. Where do your target clients shop? What magazines do they read? This worksheet will allow you to outline all your research and keep track of what you should be focusing on to engage with your target clients. 

Attract High-end Clients to you

The second step to finding high-end clients to work with in your event planning business is by getting them to find you. To accomplish this you will need to align your business message to the requirements of high-end clients. Do you offer luxury packages? Are you offering a high-end level of service from beginning to end? Is there a focus on luxury experiences at all levels of your business? These are issues that will need to be addressed as follows: 

1. Design High-end Services

The service and packages offered to your lower budget brides will be different from that offered to high-end clients. You will need to design and package your services to reflect your time, commitment and level of service. Your packages will therefore need to outline the benefits and advantages of working with you and what a client will get from A to Z when they book your services. Include examples and testimonials!

2. ​Make your Branding Consistent

Your marketing message, materials and web presence needs to communicate the message that you offer high-end services. Perception is everything. Your branding should be clear that you offer a high quality service, are professional and produce amazing results. Take a look at your current materials and assess if this is the message you are sending. Is your website focused on offering discounts but you are hoping to book luxury weddings? These two messages does not align.

Review the following key resources to ensure you are positioned to attract high-end clients:

  • ​Professionally designed website. 
  • A quality article or eBook that allows you to showcase your expertise and also capture email addresses for potential clients for following up.
  • Marketing materials with consistent high-end branding that matches your website and social media accounts. 

3. Update your Pricing to Reflect your Goal

If you have the right packages and a professionally design brand your pricing should reflect the quality of your service. Working with high-end clients mean you have committed to providing high quality service with higher-end result and a luxury experience. High-end client will pay to have that experience and to feel exclusive, so why not ensure that your pricing meets this standard? Remove discounts and freebies from your packages, instead sell clients on the value that working with you will provide them. 

High-end clients like to feel like they are staying at the Ritz-Carlton not an Holiday Inn. #eventprofs @event_u

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Here is one key piece of information to keep in mind:

Transitioning to working with high-end clients does not come overnight. While this can be a great business model that generates a lot of money, you will need to invest the time and energy to make your brand one that appeals to high-end clients. Commit to designing and implementing the strategies outlined above and you will be well on your way to booking your next high-end event planning client.

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