FOUR tips for starting a career in event planningStarting a career in event planning can be a fun and exciting experience. Working as an event planner means that every day will be different, and as a creative profession you will get to see design ideas come to life. However, event planning can also be exhausting, and you may encounter your share of difficult clients. That being said, if you enjoy a job that is dynamic and rewarding, this is the career for you.


In previous years having training and certification in event planning was never a requirement, and to some extent still isn’t. However, if you wish to be competitive within the event planning industry, particularly as a newcomer, training and certification will provide a competitive edge to succeed in the corporate world.

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As a new planner in the industry it is essential that you have a portfolio. This is your resume to new clients and organizations on why they should hire you to plan their event. One of the fastest ways to gain experience and build your portfolio is by volunteering or working as an intern. Call you local charities and non-profit organizations and offer your assistance to plan an upcoming event for them. While these positions do not provide compensation, they are a great way to not only gain experience, but also network with potential clients and suppliers.


Finding a corporate position is one option that provides a steady income and access to an already established brand. In-house planner positions are increasing as many companies start to evaluate the benefits of having an event professional on staff. These jobs however do require experience, as most companies may not have the resources to train a beginner. However, if you are new to the industry be sure to also look for administrative positions, such as an “Administrative Coordinator”. While these positions do not have event planning in the title, speak with the HR personnel, find out what your duties entail, as many organizations still use their administrative assistants to plan company events.


Starting your own event planning company is one of the fastest ways to enter the industry. As a business owner there are no limitations on the number of years of experience required, and you will have the freedom to make your own  decisions, such as preferred clients. With this freedom also comes the responsibility of running a business, sourcing clients, and marketing your company and your brand. It can take a few years to establish your company/brand, but once you do, this can be a very rewarding and lucrative business.