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Running an event planning business is a busy job. This can be even more stressful if you’re a soloprenuer and do most of the task in your business alone. Today I’m going to be sharing how you can reduce the amount of time spent on one of these tasks: Your social media posts.

Setting up social media posts for your event planning business does not have to be an overwhelming or time-consuming process. In this video, I’m sharing the 5 simple steps you can use to create a week’s worth of social media content in a snap.

Be sure to also check out our on-demand webinar on how to create 30 days of social media content in 1 day: https://www.eventcertificate.com/social-media-planning/

In the 50-minute social media webinar, you will learn How to Create a Month of Social Media Content in 1 day. We will review the best ways to integrate social media with your event planning business, the best social media platforms for your business, and help you develop a social media content strategy for reaching your clients.

You’ll Learn:

  • Define your brand – How to create a successful social media space for your business
  • Content Strategy – Develop a plan for what you’re going to share with your audience
  • Tools to Use – What tools & resources make social media planning easier
  • Monitor & Analyze – Learn how to make sense of and measure your success

You’ll Get

  • Sample 31 days of Social media content calendar, customized for Event Planners
  • Workbook for developing social media content
  • Recommendations for tools, apps & software to manage your accounts
  • A learning experience with an industry expert

A bit about your instructor:

Jody-Ann Rowe, M.Ed, Founder & CEO, The Event Certificate

Jody-Ann is an Event Planner & Educator with over 10 years experience in the event planning industry.  She is the founder of The Event Certificate, an online business resource for Event Planners looking to build, launch and grow their event planning business.

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