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Web and social media support to help you generate more leads online

Online Marketing is the key...

Everyone said you needed to have a website once you started your business, so you did, and the clients are not rolling in like you expected.

You paid for a subscription on Wedding Wire / theKnot and no one is hiring you.

You've even been posting on Instagram and you're still struggling to find clients. 

First of allyou're in the right place! 

Second, it's not you, it's your online marketing strategy. 

My web and social media packages are designed to help Event Planners like you, figure out what you're doing wrong in your online marketing and help you fix it so you can start generating more leads.

1. Online Marketing Check-up

The doctor is in! I'll review your website and one (1) social media account to find the problem in your marketing strategy and provide you with the best solutions to fix them. 

The check-up package is perfect for DIY event planners, who are not sure what they are doing wrong when trying to find clients online, but can make the edits and changes needed on their own, if they knew what to fix.

This package includes a detailed video review of your event planning website and main social media account, with my personal recommendations on what to fix for maximum lead generation and client bookings. 

2. Freebie Design, Mailing List Connection & Welcome Emails Copy

Having a free download that connects to a mailing list is one of the best ways to capture potential clients who leave your website without contacting you. If you're missing this piece of the puzzle you could be missing out on a massive number of leads (a.k.a. $$$ out the door!). 

This package is perfect for you if your website is in great shape and the only item missing is your freebie, mailing list and automated welcome emails. I'll work with you to:

  • Niche down and identify your ideal customers.
  • Design and create design a free PDF that potential clients are begging to download.
  • Setup your email automation, Mailing List and connect it all to your website.
  • Write the copy for your welcome emails that nurtures clients into contacting you to learn more about your services.
  • Teach you how to promote your freebie.

Your only job will be to sit back, share your freebie and collect leads.

3. The Luxury Treatment - Website & Social Media Review, Re-write & Re-design 

Let' Make Your Business Profitable

Website and Social Media not bringing in the customers like you thought it would? This A-Z package is the one for you.

Sit back, grab a glass of champs, answer my questions and watch the magic happen. 

I'll work with you to develop an online marketing plan, revamp and re-write your event planning website, social media images and captions, and your third-party marketing sites such as Wedding Wire/ theKnot to get you generating leads on autopilot.


Life Moments Preserved

I absolutely love my new website, Jody-Ann gave me everything I was looking for and more. I would definitely recommend Jody-Ann if you need any website updates or makeover.

Wendy Ball Bridgeman - Event Planner

Life Moments - Home Page Old


Life Moments - Home Page New


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About Jody-Ann

Jody-Ann Rowe is a Business Strategist for Event Planners who specializes in using digital marketing to generate leads online. She works with event planners to structure their business online, so they can attract, convert and book more clients with ease.

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