Business Coaching for Wedding Planners

Let's map out your strategic plan to Book More Clients!

This is for you if...

  • You're struggling to find the right clients for your business
  • You're struggling to set the "right" price for your event planning service
  • You're social media posts are getting all likes but no bookings
  • You're just not sure where or how to start
  • You feel like you're hustling and still not getting anywhere
  • You're wondering if the grind will start to pay off soon
  • You're thinking "how is this working for other event planners and not me?!"


You're an amazing Event Planner and you've got something special that can truly benefit the world. The challenge that you're facing right now is that the people who need you and who can afford you, haven't heard of you.

Let's change that. Here are a few ways I can help:

90-Minute Power Session

You tell me where you're at and where you'd like to be. Together we figure out exactly how to get there. This is an intense session where you and I will zero in on one (1) MAJOR topic, obstacle or project. You will fill out a questionnaire, so that I can get SUPER familiar with your project and do some pre-work, then we will meet online or in-person and get to work. 

  • One 90-minute exclusive session
  • Sessions and action items are recorded for your reference
  • A week of follow-up emails to address any questions you might have
  • $199

3 Month Exclusive Coaching 

We will be working together to create a thriving business with raving fans, eager to hire you. This 3-month package includes weekly meetings and action items. We will be focused on BUILDING your event planning business. We will work together to identify your ideal client, outline your financial and milestone goals, create a GROWTH plan for your business, develop a business foundation, create a marketing strategy, outline a continuous client acquisition plan and and review and update your business systems. We will meet online or in-person and I will provide you with action items after each session.

  • Twelve 1-hour weekly sessions PLUS a 1-hour Welcome Meeting
  • Access to all Event Certificate Resources
  • Sessions and action items are recorded for your reference
  • Unlimited emails between sessions to address questions
  • $1497

9 Month Consulting Program

If you're feeling overwhelmed, are searching for clarity, focus and how to crush those goals you’re setting because you're not hitting them, then we need to chat. We will talk about what your goals are for your business, what you need to do to get there, what to tweak with what your currently doing and even how to begin if you're a new event planner.

You'll get:

  • Nine (9) 1-hour monthly sessions PLUS a 2-hour Introduction Meeting
  • Sessions and action items are recorded for your reference
  • Unlimited emails between sessions to address questions
  • Someone to consult on business discussion and challenges. Let me be your outside perspective to brainstorm business ideas and get you on the right track.
  • Access to all Event Certificate resources and training during the program to help streamline your business processes.
  • $1947

“Payment plans and custom mentorship available upon request.”

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