unwind flipped events

Traditionally events are often held to celebrate an occasion, provide entertainment to attendees, and to wow and excite an audience. One of the main reasons clients will hire an Event Planner is to achieve these goals, while allowing them to relax and enjoy the process. Yet with everyone’s increasingly busy schedules not many planners currently focus on offering event planning services to relax/unwind attendees – ultimately flipping the script on events meant to excite. Here are some examples of client events that can allow your attendees to relax and enjoy being part of a party.

Spa Day or Weekend

What better way to allow attendees to unwind than offering a Spa Day or Weekend service. Attendees can have room reservations, spa packages, a la carte treatments, and even transportation coordinated on their behalf, so relaxing is as easy as opening their front door and checking in upon arrival at their destination.

Yoga Retreat

Similar to a spa weekend, a yoga retreat is a great way to allow attendees to relax, unwind, and also engage in a form of exercise. This is a wonderful idea for team building, and facilitating a much needed break from busy work schedules.

Painting Party

A great way to get attendees together for an activity that combines both skill building and a few laughs along the way. Painting parties should not focus solely on skills (or lack thereof), but rather provide an atmosphere in which guests can unwind and connect with other attendees, while being able to take home a memento at the end of the event.

Movie Party

A personal favorite, movie parties are wonderful for getting together with a group of friends or colleagues. Check with local theaters for pre-packaged party ideas, they will usually provide a viewing room, snacks, and a time for your guests to arrive. Movie parties are no longer just for kids!


Vacations in your local area are becoming increasing popular, particularly for busy parents who are not able to leave their little ones for days at a time. Book rooms at a local hotel, make a dinner or lunch reservation for the group during their stay, as well as coordinate a group activity (museum visit, art gallery tour, local tasting tour etc.).

Why not try something different for your next celebration?