STEP 1: Launch your Event Planning Business in 7 days

Ever felt stuck thinking about starting your event planning business? This challenge takes you day by through the process of setting up an event planning company from home with little to no money. You will be provided with tips, tools and templates to get your business up and running in just 7 days. Best of all it's FREE!

STEP 2: Event University

learn how to be a successful event planner

Once you have your business structures in place, it's time to become an event planning expert so you can plan premium client events with ease. EVENT U is the ultimate guide for successful event planning. A self-paced online course that teaches you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become a professional event and wedding planner. You will learn how to take your passion for event planning to the next level with tools, templates and strategies to impress your clients. In this signature course you will learn everything from creating an event budget to finding high-end clients. This course is perfect for you if you have no formal education in event planning and would like to enhance your skills and expertise. 

STEP 3: The Event Incubator

A 1-on-1 mentorship program dedicated to Event Planning Professionals

Working your ass off but still not booking clients? This exclusive VIP program is a 4-week intensive to support your business and life goals. In the incubator we will dive deep into your business ideas, challenges and aspirations.

Spend time with me as your mentor to talk through your business growth and profit strategies. You’ll get to borrow my brain, learn how I built my businesses, simplify your marketing plans, and most importantly you will have my undivided attention and feedback. Limited to 12 clients each year, we will work together to get you unstuck from your challenges, feel less overwhelmed and crush any negative thinking holding you back from success.