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The Event Certificate is your online resource for building a profitable event and wedding planning business. Created in 2014 by Jody-Ann Rowe as a portal for event planners looking to create a successful business and achieve their dreams. The Event Certificate provides you with event and wedding planning programs, resources and professional development tips to advance your business and career.

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Have we met yet? I'm Jody-Ann the (self- proclaimed) Eventpreneur Launch Expert behind this business. 

Founder and Chief Educator of the Event Certificate, I am an Event Planner & Consultant with over 10 years of experience in the industry. I work with clients to create engaging social and educational experiences for major hospitals, political figures, universities and non-profit organizations.

I would love to tell you that I've had an easy journey and that I discovered my undying passion for entrepreneurship at a lemonade stand when I was 7 yrs old, but I would be lying.

Before I started planning events for major clients, I mainly planned events for friends and family members making zero dollars. I was excited about event planning and eager to get started in the industry, however I did not know where to begin. I had graduated from university with a shiny new degree in Economics and no idea what to do with it. After studying Economics for 4 years I had little desire to sit behind a desk crunching numbers and evaluating statistics, but instead searched tirelessly for a job that was appealing to me.

I finally accepted a job in administration at a major university to fill my time "temporarily". It was here that I uncovered my desire to pursue a career in event planning and began working as an in-house event planner. I started to work on my event planning business part-time and instead of focusing on events generated through my acquaintances such as baby showers, kids birthday parties and low budget weddings, I began marketing my services to corporate clients. What a difference this one change made!

I’ve found my path and I look forward to helping you create yours.

When I am not planning events you can usually find me in a classroom (teaching and learning!). As a result I possess a degree in Economics, a Graduate Certificate in Event Management and a Masters in Education (M.Ed). I also have extensive experience as a Corporate Event Planner for one of the top higher education institutions in Canada.

Now I work as a corporate events planner, teach event planning and provide business building strategies to event professionals.

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Student in Event U: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Event Planning

I enjoy event planning because of the creative atmosphere of the field, the flexibility and freedom of running your own business, and the vast income potential (while doing something I love!). Not to be forgotten are also the drawbacks to the profession such as the long work hours; but the industry has allowed me to gain knowledge and insight into business, education, new technology, as well as innovative learning tactics that provides a unique advantage in this rapidly growing space.

My hope is that I can inspire and teach you some of the techniques I’ve used to become a successful event planner. 

Want to learn some of the strategies I’ve used to identify my niche, launch my event planning business and turn my passion into profit? check out my programs and free guides.

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