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Finding High End Clients for your Event Planning Business

As Event Planners we find ourselves in a unique position, while new clients for most business owners means a client for years to come, for Event Planners this could mean a client for only one event. To ensure high revenue targets some Event Planners try to focus on working with high-end clients. This allows them…

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Top 10 Event Planning Blogs You Should Follow

There is no one event planning blog that provides all the tips and information you may need, though Judy Allen comes pretty close. That being said, you can still find several event planning blogs that offer a unique perspective and breath of information that might be particularly useful to you. In this age of accessible…

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Start An Event Planning Business in 2 Weeks

Can you start an Event Planning Business in 2 weeks? I believe that you can!
I’ve created a FREE mini-course that will walk you through the process of setting up your event planning business in just 2 weeks.

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